Pinole's IPM Policy

IPM Policy

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Standard Operating Procedures

The following procedure is to ensure consistent application of processes in support of the Mission of the City of Pinole.  Employees will apply outlined procedures to appropriate situation and activities.  Not all situations can be described in the following procedure.  Employees must always use good judgment and seek guidance pertaining to the application of the procedure if there are any conflicts. This procedure is a living document intended to be updated to make it appropriate and relevant to the maintenance requirements relating to Integrated Pest Management.


The City of Pinole Public Works Operation and Maintenance Division is responsible for the Vegetation Management throughout the City on all City properties and rights of way. The maintenance of the City areas includes parks, facilities, roads, trails, parking lots and medians. The Public Works Operation and Maintenance Division performs most of the maintenance but also uses qualified contractors for some of the maintenance.

Contracted Maintenance:

The City contracts with Western Exterminator for the pest maintenance at the City facilities. Western Exterminator provides pest control for the prevention of insects inside facilities.

The City contracts with Animal Damage Management for the control of gophers at the sports fields.

The City contracts with Pacific Landscape Services for maintenance of the general park areas, street medians, and public parking lots.

Method of maintenance:

The Public Works team uses several methods of maintenance to manage the vegetation throughout the City. The methods of maintenance are:

  • Mechanical
  • Chemical
  • Biological


For the majority of the maintenance throughout the City, the Public Works team uses mechanical method of management for vegetation. The methods include but are not limited to: Weed trimming, mowing, brush cutting, and tree trimming with appropriate equipment.


The Public Works team uses a limited number of herbicides to control invasive and noxious weeds on City property and on City Rights of Way. The use of the herbicides is limited and strategic to assist in the control and elimination of weeds and undesirable vegetation in the City areas. The herbicides are to supplement the mechanical methods of control where the mechanical methods are not practical or efficient to control the weeds and undesirable vegetation. The Public Works team does not apply insecticides or rodenticides.

Animal Damage Management and Western Exterminator only use the pesticides necessary to control unwanted pests in targeted areas, i.e., Buildings and sports fields.


The City has worked with community groups and installed raptor perches as a biological method of rodent control in Fernandez and Pinole Valley Parks.

Use of Herbicides

The Public Works team uses limited and specific herbicides for the control of invasive and noxious weeds and undesirable in City maintained areas. The use and quantity of theses herbicides is inspected annually by the Contra Costa County Agricultural Commissioner. The herbicides the City uses are listed below.


Main Chemical





Contact Selective

Broadleaf weeds

Cheetah Pro


Contact Non-Selective

Grasses and Broadleaf weeds



Contact Selective

Broadleaf weeds

Round Up Pro


Contact Non-Selective

Broadleaf weeds and Grasses

Ranger Pro


Contact Non-Selective

Broadleaf weeds and Grasses

Dimension 2EW



Broadleaf weeds and Annual Grasses

Gallery SC



Broadleaf Weeds and Annual Grasses

These herbicides have been selected because of their ability to be used in sensitive sites and their aquatic labels.


The City is in the process of developing a Master Tree Plan that will guide Public Works in the management of the trees on City property and in City Right of Ways. Currently the Public Works team uses best management practices to maintain the City trees.

Parks, Trails, Open Space:

The City is in the process of developing a Park Master Plan that will guide Public Works I the maintenance and management of the vegetation on City Property.

Continued Development:

As the City completes the Park and Tree Master plans, this Operating Procedure will be updated with the appropriate information to provide guidance to City staff for an enhance and comprehensive Integrated Pest Management Plan.