Pinole's Wastewater Collection

Wastewater Collection

The City of Pinole has  a sewer collection system serving most of the City of Pinole. Some areas in the south west parts of Pinole are served by West County Wastewater  District (

The City provides wastewater collection to approximately 19,000 inhabitants. The wastewater collection system includes approximately 49 miles of City-owned gravity sanitary sewers, 565 manholes, 2 lift stations, less than a mile of pressure force mains, and about 5,340 laterals. 

The City of Pinole has a Sewer Lateral Program which requires the property owners have their sewer lateral inspected upon sale as well as if warranted by parameters expressed in Pinole Municipal Code. 

For example, the code states "homeowners' association of a common interest development in which several individually-owned units share common sewer laterals shall provide the city with inspection verification of all privately owned building sewer laterals within the common interest areas at least once every ten (10) years for compliance with the duties and obligations imposed by this chapter." As the ordinance was adopted in 2012, shared common laterals must be inspected and compliant, fully functioning, by 2022. 

City Document Library: 

City of Pinole Sanitary Sewer Overflow Response Plan and Pumping and Collection System Reliability Improvement and Management Plan (Revised April 2020)

Sanitary Sewer Master Plan 2022 (Adopted by Council on September 20, 2022)
Sanitary Sewer Management Plan 2022 (Adopted by Council on June 7, 2022)