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Pinole Community Television (PCTV) provides quality broadcasting, ancillary video and audio services to the City of Pinole, other organizations and the community. PCTV informs the public of the City’s operations and events.

PCTV manages a non-commercial, (except as allowed through the DIVCA state franchise,) Community Access Television station. PCTV is a PEG station with programming and information that is Public, Educational, and Governmental (PEG). PCTV is available for the promotion of events and relaying community oriented information. Resources are utilized for staffing, operational and equipment supplies, utilities and facility maintenance. Revenue is generated from service charges, donations, sponsorships, DVD sales and franchise fees. The majority of revenue is from contracts with other municipalities, nonprofits and for profits with whom PCTV provides broadcasting and other services.

 PCTV has been providing high-quality sports, government, civic, and studio coverage tailored to meet clients’ needs for two decades:

• Twenty years of live high school football          • Live of candidates’ debates

        • Live summer concerts in the park           • Live summer movies in the park

• Live league playoffs                                        • Groundbreakings

• Live City Council meetings in several cities    • Live School District meetings   

• Live basketball, baseball, softball, and  volleyball, Junior College, and University   

• Studio recordings of interviews with historical figures and events

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