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Planning Division
The City of Pinole Planning Division conducts review of new land uses, development projects, and proposed modifications on existing parcels.

Examples of proposals that require Planning review through a Planning Application include, but are not limited to:
* Administrative Design Review (e.g., all single family additions, multifamily/nonresidential additions less than 500 sf)
* Comprehensive Design Review (e.g., new residential and nonresidential buildings, multifamily/nonresidential additions 500sf or greater)
* Sign Permits/ 
Sign Programs (e.g., new signage)
* Tree Removal Permit (e.g., removal of protected trees - see here)
* Administrative Use Permit (e.g., outdoor dining)
* Conditional Use Permit (e.g., uses listed as requiring a CUP in the Specific Plan or Zoning Code)
* Temporary Use Permit (e.g., one-day/short-term events, limited time outdoor sales)
* Minor Deviations/ Variance  (e.g., deviations from zoning standards)
* General Plan/ Specific Plan/ Zoning Code Amendment (e.g., changes to policy documents and standards)
* Lot Mergers/Lot Line Adjustments (e.g., changing lot lines)
* Subdivisions (e.g., division of parcels to create new parcels)

Land Use and Zoning Information

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2131 Pear Street

Phone: (510) 724-8912
Fax: 510-724-4921
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M-Th: 8:00am - 12:00pm

1:00pm - 4:00p.m.

Friday: Closed

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