Pinole's Economic Development Strategy

Economic Development Strategy

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In 2020, the Pinole City Council adopted a thoughtful and ambitious Strategic Plan for the City. Among other things, it directed the creation of an Economic Development Strategy (EDS).

The EDS is a strategic framework to guide the City of Pinole’s economic development policies and programs over the next 5 years and is based on a comprehensive research and stakeholder input process, and reflects consensus views on the most promising opportunities and the most pressing challenges facing Pinole’s economy.

Development of the EDS

The recommended policies and program activities in the Adopted EDS are based on an extensive planning process that included the following components:

  • An analysis of Pinole’s existing and projected demographic profile, providing an understanding of underlying trends that may affect economic growth potentials.
  • Direct input from a cross section of the City’s economic development stakeholders via a series of workshop-style meetings.
  •  A review of the various public- and private-sector entities involved in different aspects of economic development (or related activities).
  • An industry “cluster” analysis to identify the industry groups (clusters) that are the most important “engines” of the existing local economy, as well as the industry groups that are likely to offer the most attractive growth potentials in the future.
  • A real estate market analysis to identify potential future demand for commercial and industrial development in the City.

On-Going and Next Steps

  • October 18, 2022: City Council adopts the Pinole EDS!
  • Staff expects to begin implementing the EDS in early 2023