Pinole's Salary/Benefits


Salary Schedule

The schedule illustrates the salary ranges for all of our position classifications. It is sorted by bargaining unit and indicates the effective date of the salary. Salaries are listed in both monthly and hourly rates.

Salary Schedule, adopted 08/02/2022

Benefit Matrix

The matrix illustrates most of the benefits available to City of Pinole employees; please refer to the appropriate MOU for a comprehensive listing of benefits. The matrix is sorted by bargaining unit, indicates the benefit type, the City's contribution, the employee's contribution (if any), and in most cases the level of benefit.

Benefit Matrix

Recruitment Incentive Program

California Minimum Wage

The City of Pinole follows the California State Rate for Minimum Wage. State Rates and Frequently Asked Questions can be found by visiting either of the following sites:

»  Department of Industrial Relations

» Department of Labor