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This page has a map of the cities parks. Click here for an alterate page that lists the parks with addresses.

This page has a map of the cities parks. Click here for an alterate page that lists the parks with addresses.
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Visit the East Bay Regional Parks website to find out about other local parks and trails.

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Park Name Acres Tables BBQ Play Area Restroom Drinking Fountain Baseball Basketball Gazebo
Amber Swartz Park 5    
Bayfront Park 2 x x x
Canyon Drive Park .5 x x
Dog Park   x   x x x x x  
Fernandez Park 6 x x x x x x x x
Louis Francis Park 2 x x x
Hugh Young Park 10
Meadow Park 1.5 x x x x
Pinole Valley Park 231 x x x x x x
Pinole Valley Picnic Grove   x x x
Pinon Park 1/2 x x x
Sarah Drive Park 4
View Park 2
Wilson Point Park 10

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Rules and regulations governing use of all park facilites are as follows:
  1. No motor vehicles allowed on City Park grounds except on authorized thoroughfares. Vehicles should not be driven in the park or on the baseball field.

  2. No animals allowed on City Park grounds except in designated areas.

  3. Fires allowed in city barbecue pits only. Personal BBQ pits are not allowed. Fires must be extinguished before leaving park area.

  4. It shall be unlawful for any person to be in any City Park between the hours of 9:00 PM & 6:00 AM of the following day.

  5. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on City Park grounds and this law will be enforced.

  6. Skateboarding not allowed on City Park grounds and this law will be enforced.

Violation of City of Pinole Ordinance No. 403 shall be a misdemeanor punishable by no more than $500 fine or six months in jail or both.

Jumper-type play equipment is allowed (with a Park Reservation) in Fernandez Park and Pinole Valley Grove Park, but only if you rent from a city-approved company.

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Information formerly on the Youth Center Parks & Playgrounds page


Amber Swartz park was dedicated to Amber Swartz.


Bayfront Park is located at the end of Tennent Ave in Downtown Pinole. Situated on the edge of the bay, Bayfront Park is a perfect place to walk your dog and watch the sunset. There are several paved trails around the edge of the park and along the waters edge. There are several picnic areas with BBQ pits available.


Fernandez Park is Pinole's favorite park. The park is host to birthday parties year round as well as several City Events such as the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony and the Annual Car Show.
The park has two play structures, several picnic areas, running water, restrooms and a baseball field. The park is in the heart of Downtown Pinole, making it easily accesible. There is always plenty of parking to be found.


Pinole Shores is a great place for train enthusiasts. This is one of the only places where one can clearly view two trains passing each other. It has miles of trails to walk and is close to Downtown Pinole.


Pinole Valley Park is a popular park on weekends. Birthday parties as well as soccer or baseball games may be going on at the same time. This park is nestled deep in the Pinole Valley. During the week the park is quiet and peaceful and is a perfect place to walk the dog or take small children to play on the play structure. The park has restrooms as well as running water.

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  • Click Icon or Address for Directions 
This large and popular park has many convenient facilities including a fenced ball field, full-sized soccer field, bleachers, playground, restrooms, drinking fountain and play areas. 231 total acres.

3790 Pinole Valley Road

This 5 acre park is currently undeveloped

3450 Savage Avenue

This 2 acre park has an open field area, trail system and panoramic view of the 
SF Bay. Home of the annual Fourth of July fireworks display. Facilities include BBQ area, picnic tables & restrooms.

1 Tennent Avenue

This 1/2 acre neighborhood park offers Tiny Tot play equipment and lawn area.

1818 Canyon Drive

Three tennis courts with lights. Court reservations are made in the Recreation department, City Hall, second floor.

2955 Pinole Valley Road

This park's many facilities include BBQ area, gazebo, two play areas, picnic tables, restrooms & drinking fountains. Many sports teams call it home because of its fenced ball field with lights & full-court basketball court.

595 Tennent Avenue

This 2 acre park has playground equipment, picnic tables, handicapped access & landscaped walkways.

596 Marlesta Road

The Hazel Downer-Thornton Picnic Grove at Pinole Valley Park has picnic tables & restrooms. The park's hiking trail connects to the Sobrante Ridge Regional Preserve.

1267 Adobe Road

This 1.5 acre neighborhood park offers an attractive play environment plus lawn area, drinking fountain, handicapped access, tables and basketball area.

1095 Nob Hill Avenue

This 10 acre park is currently undeveloped

3760 Victor Street

This 1/2 acre park features children's play area & benches.

1600 Primrose Lane

This 4 acre park provides a natural habitat for deer and other wildlife.

1850 Sarah Drive

View site for Pinole Valley & Bay Shore. 2 acre panoramic plateau with benches, trail, and drinking fountain.

2021 Henry Avenue

The Pinole portion of this 400 mile recreational corridor runs along the waterfront. The trail will eventually encircle both SF & San Pablo Bays.

along the Waterfront

The Dog Park consists of two play areas - one for large dogs and one for small dogs.

3790 Pinole Valley Road