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 City of Pinole
Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for “On Call Consultant” Professional Services
DUE October 16, 2018



San Pablo Avenue Bridge RFP Contract RO1710-02 (due by October 4, 2018 by 2:00p.m.)

Contract RO1710-02
San Pablo Avenue Bridge Replacement Project
Preliminary Engineering, Environmental, Design Services


San Pablo Avenue Bridge Addendum 1



Vacuum Sweeper  (due September 4, 2018)”

City of Pinole: bid opening September 4, 2018


1.Owen Equipment Company - Pinole Whirlwind Peterbilt Chassis $280,868.64


2.Owen Equipment Company- Alt 1 Pinole Whirlwind Autocar Chassis $284,999.38


3.Terry Equipment Company- 2018 Johnston VT651 Vacuum Sweeper $281,634.48


Thank you for preparing a bid for our evaluation. Bids will be evaluated for comformance with specifications.

It is expected that evaluation of bids will be complete by September 25, 2018 with recommendations for award presented to City Council on October 2, 2018.



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