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This Crime Prevention Bulletin is compiled to inform everyone about the weekly activity throughout the City of Pinole. You will see in the bulletin the city is separated into beats that the patrol officers are assigned to work for each shift. Each beat has a brief description and the crimes that have taken place within so you can see what is happening in your neighborhood.

> This week's bulletin

CITIZEN ACADEMY - September 30 - October 28 CANCELLED!

Conducted by: Pinole Police Department

Class dates: Saturdays, September 30 through October 28
Class times: 9 a.m. - 12 p.m.
Class location: Pinole Police Department

The Citizen Academy is designed to give an inside look at the Pinole Police Department. The Citizen Academy is open to all Pinole residents 18 years of age and older.

Some of the class topics will include:

  • CSI/Evidence
  • Dispatching
  • School Policing
  • K9 Policing
  • Traffic enforcement & accident investigation

Fill out the attached application and return it to the Pinole Police Department Crime Prevention Unit

> Application


The Crime Prevention Unit of the Pinole Police Department has been actively assisting neighborhoods start Neighborhood Watch Programs. Neighborhood Watch Programs are one of the most effective ways to keep crime out of your neighborhood. Neighbors working with the police create an effective crime fighting team. It involves neighbors getting to know each other, and also training neighbors to recognize and report suspicious activities to the police.

Officers can’t be everywhere, so citizen involvement is essential to fight crime. Neighbors cooperating with each other and with the police are the best ways to fight crime in the community. Neighborhood Watch members place signs in their windows and signs on their streets warning criminals that there is an active Neighborhood Watch Program in their community. You may have seen the signs already.

If you are interested in learning about starting or joining or a Neighborhood Watch Program, contact the Pinole Police Department at (510) 724-8950.





The City of Pinole Police Department Explorer Post #2704 is looking for qualified individuals for the position of Police Explorer. Explorers are volunteers in the Police Department who receive specialized training from professional instructors. Participating Explorers are involved in City of Pinole event security, traffic control and neighborhood watch programs. Accept the challenge and make a difference in your community today!

  • Application for Explorers
    Click on the above link and complete the application. The application can be returned, in person, to the Pinole Police Department Records Division or faxed to 510-724-9061

  • View Requirements and Photos
    Click on the above link to see the requirements, responsibilities and photos of the Explorer Program.

  • Request Explorers at Your Function
    Click on the above link, and complete the application, if you would like to have Pinole Police Explorers at your next function. Explorers can participate in city sponsored Event Security, Traffic Control and can provide Safety Awareness Booths. The application can be returned, in person, to the Pinole Police Department Records Division or faxed to 510-724-9061



Slide shows will require the Powerpoint Viewer which can be downloaded here. Download speeds vary with connection speed.


  • Debit and Credit cards are safer than cash.
  • If someone is loitering near the ATM or it appears unsafe, go to another. Stand so a person cannot see your PIN.
  • Don't carry your PIN on you or attached to your card.

The Pinole Police Department needs your help to reduce auto burglaries. Cars are burglarized in Pinole every day and people suffer the loss of property and damage to their vehicles. Surprisingly, auto stereos are not the main targets of thieves; they are looking for easily removed items of value. Most cars are parked in the driveway or in front of a home. Do you leave your purse in the car, maybe under the seat, a laptop on the back seat or other valuables in plain view?


Don’t YOU become a statistic!

Prevent Theft – Practice TLC

  • Take out valuables
  • Lock up
  • Close doors and Windows

Report Suspicious Activity
Pinole Police Department
(510) 724-1111


  • ALWAYS wear a helmet. Bicycle helmets can reduce head injuries by 85 percent.
  • Make sure your helmet is snug and flat atop your head. Click here for pictures showing how a helmet should be worn (show your kids).
  • Children's helmets include extra padding to ensure a proper fit (you remove padding as the child's head grows).
  • Make sure your bike is adjusted properly. You should be able to stand over the top tube. Handlebars should be firm and turn easily, wheels straight and secure. Check brakes before riding (hand brake levers should not touch the handlebars).
  • Wear bright clothing and avoid biking at night. Use reflectors and be aware of traffic, especially when entering an intersection or changing lanes.
  • Be aware of potential obstacles - don't dart into traffic.
  • Ride on the right side of the street (in the same direction as traffic). Ride in a straight predictable path.
  • Children should not ride in the street. Make sure they know to be extra-careful near driveways and intersections (over 70% of car-bicycle accidents occur in these areas).
  • The Pinole Fire Department will provide