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Zoning Map

Each piece of property within the City of Pinole is part of a designated Zoning District. Each district contains different regulations, potential uses, and development standards. This includes minimum distances or setbacks from the property lines for buildings, accessory structures, as well as building height. Additionally, permitted business uses and operations are contained in Title 17 of the Pinole Municipal Code, "Zoning."

A copy of the City's Zoning Map can be found at the following link:
Pinole Zoning Map


Specific Plan Zoning Maps

The Specific Plan customizes many of the standards and regulations found in the City of Pinole Zoning Ordinance to help achieve the vision for the three Specific Plan Areas: San Pablo Avenue, Pinole Valley Road, and Appian Way. The complete Specific Plan may be viewed here.

Property owners in the Specific Plan Areas should consult the Specific Plan Zoning Maps in addition the the Zoning Map when determining potential uses and development standards for their property. In any instance where the Specific Plan conflicts with the requirements of the City of Pinole's Zoning Ordinance, the Specific Plan provisions will take precedence (e.g., allowed uses, setbacks,). Where the Specific Plan is silent on a topic, the Pinole Municipal Code requirements remain in force (e.g., allowable sign area).

Copies of the Three Corridors Specific Plan Maps can be found at the following links:

San Pablo Avenue Land Use Plan

Pinole Valley Road Land Use Plan

Appian Way Land Use Plan


General Plan Land Use Map

A copy of the City's General Plan Land Use Map can found at the following link:

Pinole General Plan Land Use Map




If you would like to obtain specific zoning information related to land or structures within the City of Pinole, please contact the Planning staff at (510) 724-9832.

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