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California state law requires every city and county to adopt a general plan for its future development. A general plan serves as a blueprint that "guides the physical development of the city and any land outside its boundaries which bears relation to its planning" (Gov't Code Section 65302). As a "constitution for future development," the City's General Plan expresses Pinole's development goals and creates a framework for public policy relative to the distribution of future land uses, both public and private.

The current General Plan was adopted in 2010. The City will continue to periodically review and update the General Plan to reflect changing conditions and to ensure it remains a useful tool for guiding City policy and development.

Complete General Plan
Click here to download the complete General Plan as a single file.

While the General Plan is the primary guide for growth and development within Pinole, the Specific Plan establishes a direct connection between the General Plan and economic and revitalization opportunities within the three Specific Plan Corridors. The purpose of the Specific Plan is to facilitate revitalization of the San Pablo Avenue, the Pinole Valley Road, and the Appian Way commercial corridors. The City of Pinole has designated these corridors as Priority Development Areas.

The Specific Plan customizes many of the standards and regulations found in the Zoning Ordinance. In any instance where the Specific Plan conflicts with the requirements of the City's Zoning Ordinance, the Specific Plan provisions will take precedence; where the Specific Plan is silent on a topic, the Pinole Municipal Code will retain precedence.

Complete Specific Plan
Click here to download the complete Corridor Specific Plan as a single file.

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