Pinole's Wildfire and Heat Preparedness

Wildfire and Heat Preparedness

Posted on 06/07/2021

The Fire Department has retained the services of three contactors – for fire breaks/trails, weed abatement, and tree service, respectively – to collaborate with the Public Works Department in support of the City’s most robust annual wildfire mitigation project to date. Much of Pinole’s fire danger exists in its approximately 400 acres of designated open space. By zoning requirement, open space is reserved as undeveloped land vacant of structures and improvements, maintained in its natural condition, and not to be altered to any major extent by human activities. The Fire and Public Works Departments are working diligently to create a defensible perimeter around the City’s designated open space while adhering to zoning requirements. Additionally, notices have been sent out to property owners reminding them of their responsibility to maintain defensible space around residential and commercial properties. City Code Enforcement is hard at work to ensure compliance with this effort.

The City of Pinole Senior Center (2500 Charles Avenue) will be available as a cooling center as weather conditions dictate in the coming summer months. Per City guidelines, the Senior Center will be opened as a cooling center if the National Weather Service (NWS) forecasts that Pinole will experience two consecutive days with high temperatures of 95 degrees or more and necessary staff is available. When initiated, the cooling center will normally be open from 12 pm to 5 pm. For additional information on the Senior Center serving as a cooling center, contact the Senior Center at 510-724-9800 or check the City website at