Pinole's MCE ON PG&E Bankruptcy

MCE ON PG&E Bankruptcy

MCE on PG&E Bankruptcy
Posted on 02/08/2019
PG&E Bankruptcy

Since PG&E's filing for bankruptcy, Community Choice Aggregators (CCAs) are continuing to work closely with PG&E in a coordinated manner to address any potential impacts of the bankruptcy filing on CCA programs.

The bankruptcy court has held two hearings. The court issued interim orders that allowed PG&E to continue operating business as usual. This outcome was consistent with PG&E's own requests going into bankruptcy and reflective of it's important partnership with CCAs. MCE is continuing to monitor the issues as the bankruptcy proceeding progresses.

For more information on a press release from MCE's trade association, CalCCA, that discusses the bankruptcy as of the date PG&E filed, click on the link: