Pinole's Fallen trees

Fallen trees

Update on Eucalyptus Trees in Open Space
Posted on 01/12/2023
The City owns a number of pieces of property that are unmaintained open space. These sites are vegetated with a variety of trees and shrubs.  

The extreme weather that the State has recently experienced has destabilized some trees in these areas that were deemed to be stable under normal circumstances. Two trees in the unmaintained open space east of Pinole Valley Road and south of Samuel Street fell recently, one of which struck a residential structure, causing some damage.

The City conducted a thorough assessment of the condition of the trees in that area in 2014, and subsequently downed the trees in that area that were determined to pose a threat. Based on the fact that two trees recently fell in that area in the recent storms, the City thoroughly assessed the condition of all of the trees in that area to determine their safety given the new extreme weather patterns.

The City begun assessing the trees in January. The trees could not be cut down in rainy weather, so the work was contingent on upcoming weather.

Hercules Tree service has started the tree removal at the Samuel eucalyptus grove. Currently Hercules has removed 4 of the contracted 7 trees and has started to trim one of the trees that will be trimmed.

If you have any concerns about trees on City-owned property, please contact the Public Works Department through email at [email protected] or by phone at 510-724-9010.