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Serving all Youth within the City of Pinole

The City of Pinole believes in partnering with community organizations to offer funding opportunities to non-profit organization to improve their quality of life for our youth.

The City has partnered with the Pacific Coast Farmers’ Market Association (PCFMA) to offer a Community Grant Program for eligible local youth community service and non-profit organizations for 2016-2017. PCFMA is the nonprofit organization that has operated the Pinole Farmers’ Market in partnership with the City of Pinole since 1999.

The City Council has allocated $2,000 from PCFMA donations to fund community service organizations. One-time grant funding awards will be provided to eligible non-profit 501c3 youth community service organizations to fund activities or special events that serve Pinole residents. These activities or special events must focus on program activities that enhance or promote civic unity or community services within the Pinole community.

Only one (1) grant application may be submitted per eligible non-profit, 501c3 youth community service organization and a maximum award of $1,000 may be requested per applicant. The final grant award may be allocated as determined by the Pinole City Council which may be based on the total number of grant requests received by the City of Pinole. Any decisions made by Pinole City Council are final.

To apply for a grant, all applicants must complete the attached application form and provide the following documents:

  • Proof of current non-profit 501c3 certification
  • Copy of organization's budget summary (Profit and Loss Statement)
  • Copy of proposed program budget
  • List of current organization's board of directors
  • Short bios of staff in charge of grant assisted program
  • Summary of organization's grant award need
  • Proposed program budget for grant expense
  • Financial reporting and disclosure
    • IRS tax forms for the current or preceding tax year
    • Annual profit and loss statements
    • Annual revenue and expense reports

All grant application must be submitted by 6:00 P.M., March 11, 2016:

Click Here to download a copy of the application and grant requirements.

Applications must be hand delivered or mailed to:

Pinole Community Grant Program
Pacific Coast Farmers’ Market Association
5060 Commercial Circle Ste. A,
Concord, CA 94520

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