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Code Enforcement


In response to COVID-19, the City of Pinole Development Services Department remains open to provide all services by phone, by email, or by appointment

Call 510- 724-CODE (2633) to file a complaint.  Call 510-724-9843 to schedule a rental inspectionIf staff is unable to take your call, it is important to leave a detailed message.  A staff member will respond to your message within 2 business days.  Or email [email protected].

To report a complaint or code violation you may also visit the Citizens Request Page.

There are numerous ordinances (or laws) in Pinole that pertains to residential property.  Most of these have been enacted to protect and preserve the basic character and quality of life in residential neighborhoods. They are typically designed to control accumulation of junk, trash, refuse, and inoperative vehicles (including unregistered vehicles).

These ordinances may be enforced by more than one department or division of the City, as well as State or County agencies, where applicable.


  • Garbage accumulation
    The accumulation of garbage or debris attracts vermin which are capable of spreading disease and detracts from the appearance of your property. Trash should be stored in proper containers, out of public view (in the garage or behind a fence or enclosure).


  • Stagnant water
    In recognition of the potential safety hazards inherent with mosquito infestations, including the West Nile Virus, the City of Pinole's Code Enforcement staff has established a close working relationship with Contra Costa County Mosquito and Vector Control District to address such conditions as found within our city limits. (Stagnant water can include untreated pool or hot tub water, puddles, ornamental or non-circulating ponds, and other areas where water accumulates providing breeding grounds for mosquitoes.) Stagnant water conditions need to be kept to a minimum to ensure Pinole does its part in not contributing to the spread of the West Nile Virus.
  • Unsightly furniture or appliances outside the home
    Furniture, appliances, vehicle parts, tires, lumber, etc. are not allowed to be stored outside in a residential area. Those items not removed after notification may be removed by the City (at property owner's expense).

  • Unregistered, neglected or inoperable vehicles
    These types of vehicles may not be visible from the street. They need to be parked in the rear yard on paved surfaces or in a garage.
  • Vehicle repair
    Vehicle repairs cannot be conducted in the street. If major repairs are necessary, they can be completed by the homeowner. If the repair will take more than 72 hours, the vehicle will need to be stored in the garage or rear yard. Automotive repair businesses are not allowed in residential properties.
  • Overgrown weeds or vegetation
    These can create a fire hazard, provide a breeding ground for rodents, and can make a neighborhood look uncared for.

  • Fences or shrubbery that exceed 3 feet in height
    Fence height is regulated depending on where the fence is located on the property. In general, no fence in the front or side yard shall exceed 3 feet in height. Dilapidated or Hazardous fences (barbed wire, electric fences, etc.) are also not permitted next to any street, sidewalk or other public property. Please check with the Planning staff for requirements pertaining to your lot.

  • Trees or shrubbery that encroach into PUBLIC areas
    It's a violation to let trees or shrubs grow to the point that they encroach into public areas (streets, sidewalks, curbs, gutters, etc.). They will be trimmed (at property owner's expense) if they create a hazardous situation. The City of Pinole does NOT have authority over trees that encroach into someone else's private property.

  • Use of garage as another room
    There are regulations covering garage conversions. As garages were intended to provide covered parking, conversions eliminate required covered parking. Contact Planning staff for information relative to your property if you are interested in completing a garage conversion.

  • Building without a permit
    The Building Division investigates and reports illegal construction. Room additions, patio covers, tool sheds, pools, hot tubs, and re-roofing are just a few of the remodeling projects that require a permit. Click here for more information on permit requirements and procedures.


Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement