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Staff Directory
Emergency - Dial 911
From a Cell Phone - 510-724-1111
Non-Emergency - 510-724-8950
General Number - 510-724-8950

Public Information Officer
Lieutenant Matt Avery
 510-418-6897 Press and media inquiries only
Public Information Officer
Officer Jennifer Witschi
 510-914-1194 Press and media inquiries only 


Gang, Neil H.
Chief of Police 510-724-8955
Alameda, Gene
Operations Lieutenant 510-724-8946
Avery, Matt
Support Services Lieutenant 510-724-8962
Sanchez, Maritza
Administrative Assistant


Blume, Zach
Patrol Sergeant 510-914-0408
Lopez, Les
Administrative/Training Sergeant 510-724-8944
Palmini, Will
Patrol Sergeant 510-914-0673
Roberts, Jon
Criminal Investigations Sergeant 510-741-2077
Rogers, Justin Patrol Sergeant 510-914-0219
Takacs, Justin
Patrol Sergeant 510-914-0819

Police Officers
Breckenridge, Kyle
Detective 510-914-0239 
Dalao, Franco
Patrol Officer 510-914-0548
Dean, Jason
Patrol Officer 510-616-8634
Delgado, Shawn
Patrol Officer
Duggan, Barry
Patrol Officer 510-914-0829
Engle, John
Patrol Officer 510-914-0543
Fernandez, Matt
School Resource Officer (PVHS) 510-914-1161
Fodor, Chris
Detective 510-914-0598
Keister, Christian
Patrol Officer 510-914-0961
Lew, Eugene
Traffic Officer 510-914-0375
Porter, John
Patrol Officer 510-914-0134
Powell, Caroline
Patrol Officer
Roberts, Andre
Patrol Officer
Shavies, Josh
Patrol Officer 510-704-3695
Vasquez, Anthony
Canine Officer/Patrol Officer 510-910-0865
Witschi, Jennifer
Community Outreach Officer

West Bay Communication Center

Lead Dispatcher 510-724-8950
Brazil, Taylor Dispatcher 510-724-8950
Carranza, Joe
Dispatcher 510-724-8950
Huckaby, Jamie
Dispatcher 510-724-8950
Moore-Skallerud, Jennifer Dispatcher 510-724-8950
Ojeda-Willis, Tina
Dispatcher 510-724-8950
Pitchford, Debbie
Dispatcher 510-724-8950
Russo, Scott
Dispatcher 510-724-8950
Sosa, Breana
Dispatcher 510-724-8950
Stricklin, Julia
Dispatcher 510-724-8950
Tellez, Sarah
Dispatcher 510-724-8950

Support Staff  
Davis, Larry
Hunter, Khristopher
Community Service Officer
Rohrbach, Lecia
Records Specialist 510-724-9039
Segundo, Linda
Property and Evidence Specialist 510-724-8923
Silva, Patti
Records Specialist 510-741-3873
Valdepena, Natasha
Community Outreach Specialist 510-741-3892