Pinole's Financial Future Form

Financial Future Form

Financial Future Form

The City of Pinole has instituted many practices toward its fiscal sustainability and a safe, clean community. However, the City’s current resources are insufficient to meet some of the community’s long-term needs, particularly park, road, infrastructure and other needs.

We have a responsibility to ensure the City continues to have money to address our community’s needs.

That’s why the City Council is considering placing a Charter City measure on the November ballot. Doing so could potentially allow the City to expand local revenue to maintain long-term financial sustainability and services. Please fill out the form below, we will review all comments to ensure the City continues to address the community’s priorities in its long-range planning:

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General Information:


Please give us your feedback by ranking the following priorities from 1 to 6, with “1” being the most important:

Keeping streets, public areas, and parks clean: 

Improving fire protection/911 response: 

Upgrading storm drains: 

We invite your suggestions for additional service priorities:


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