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  • 635 Tennent Ave. Pinole, CA 94564 
  • Phone: 510-724-9004 
  • Fax: 510-724-1528 
  • Email:
  • Department Head's Name: Cristina Marcelino- Ahlstrand, Recreation Coordinator

The Pinole Youth Center offers two types of youth camps, School Break Enrichment Camps and Summer Camps for children ages 6 -14 years old. Our Summer camps are made up of different kinds of enrichment and sports classes to develop new skills, provide hands-on activities, or keep your children active.  

School Break Enrichment camps are offered during the Thanksgiving Break, Winter Recess, President's Week, and Spring Recess during the academic school year.  Please check back here a month before each school break for information and to register for these camps.   

Our Summer Camp is about 8-9 weeks of a variety of Specialty day camps from cooking, sports, STEM, etc. 
Click here to see the List of Summer Specialty Camps 2022. Summer camp classes will be held in various locations and will be in-person camps. To register for Summer Camp, click online registration



To register for any of the CAMPS, click on ONLINE REGISTRATION and it will take you to the registration site. Once at the ONLINE REGISTRATION site, click on PROGRAMS, YOUTH CENTER, CAMPS.
Click on the name of the CAMP (Winter Recess, Summer Camp, Spring Break, President's Week) to get more info or to add to your online shopping cart.

Have more questions about our CAMPS?
Please contact the RECREATION COORDINATOR by email at [email protected] or by calling 510-724-9004.

Click here for full page of the  list of Summer Speciaty Camps 2022
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