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Trash capture devices are tools for reducing the impacts of trash on water bodies. Trash as defined in the California Government Code Section 68055.1(g): “Litter means all improperly discarded waste material, including, but not limited to, convenience food, beverage, and other product packages or containers constructed of steel, aluminum, glass, paper, plastic, and other natural and synthetic materials, thrown or deposited on the lands and waters of the state, but not including the properly discarded waste of the primary processing of agriculture, mining, logging, sawmilling or manufacturing [….]."


Trash capture devices can be installed in existing and new catch basins to keep litter and other debris carried by stormwater from entering the storm drain system and flowing to Pinole Creek and San Francisco Bay.


The San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board issues waste discharge requirements and National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits to regulate stormwater discharges from municipal storm drains. The City of Pinole, along with other permittees, is subject to the NPDES Municipal Regional Permit for stormwater discharges and works with Contra Costa Clean Water Program (CCCWP) for regional permit administration.

In response to concerns about trash impacts on water bodies, the State of California issued Municipal Regional Stormwater Permit Order No. R2-2015-0049, a state mandate requiring permittees to achieve 100% litter reduction in waterways by 2022. To implement the City’s obligations under this permit, the City of Pinole adopted a trash capture ordinance in late 2017. The ordinance amends Pinole Municipal Code Sections (PMCS) 8.20.020, 8.20.050, 8.20.060, and 8.20.090 and requires property owners to install and maintain full trash capture devices for any stormwater collection systems in paved areas which connect to the City’s collection system.
Below are documents to assist property owners to comply with Chapter 8.20 Stormwater Management and Discharge Control of Pinole Municipal Code:

Trash Capture Compliance Guide
Frequently Asked Questions
Parcels without storm drain(s):
Trash Capture Self-Certification Form
Parcels with storm drain(s):
Certified Full Capture System List of Trash Treatment Control Devices
City of Pinole Building Permit Application
Instructions for completing the Operations and Maintenance Agreement
Stormwater Management Operation & Maintenance Agreement
Annual Inspection and Maintenance Reporting Forms

Below are various submission methods listed for each document:

Document Online In person or by mail E-mail
 Self-Certification form        
 Construction plan  
 Proof of Installation      
 Operation & Maintenance Agreement      
 Annual inspection and maintenance report      


All essential services of the Public Works Division will be handled by appointment.

Documents which were previously accepted in person must temporarily be sent by mail. The construction plan, proof of installation, and annual inspection and maintenance reports can be e-mailed. 

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