Pinole's Tree Removal Permit

Tree Removal Permit


A Tree Removal Permit is required when a protected tree is proposed for removal. The application for removal of a protected tree is linked here.  The fee can be paid utilizing the credit card authorization form.  Once the application is completed and all required criteria are met, complete the credit card authorization and email the submittal to [email protected].  

PROTECTED TREE. Protected tree or trees shall mean the following:
      1.   Select trees with a single perennial stem of twelve (12) inches or larger in circumference measured four (4) and a half feet above the natural grade. The list of select trees includes:
         a.   Coast Live Oak.
         b.   Madrone.
         c.   Buckeye.
         d.   Black Walnut.
         e.   Redwood.
         f.   Big Leafed Maple.
         g.   Redbud.
         h.   California Bay.
         i.   Toyon.
      2.   Any other tree with a single perennial stem greater than fifty-six (56) inches or larger in circumference measured four and a half (4 1/2) feet above the natural grade. 
         a.   Trees species specifically excluded from protection regardless of size or health include any other species of nut or fruit trees, palm trees or eucalyptus trees.
         b.   Also any tree species not listed above, that is smaller than fifty-six (56) inches in circumference measured four and a half feet (4 1/2) above the natural grade is excluded from protection.
      3.   For convenience in the field, circumferences are considered equivalent to diameter as follows:
4 inches
12 inches
9 inches
28 inches
12 inches
37 inches
18 inches
56 inches
Removing trees adjacent to or those rooted in Pinole Creek (even if part of private property) may require a permit from CA Department of Fish and Wildlife (707) 266-2878.