Pinole's HAZARD ABATEMENT: Weed Abatement




 program is developed to inform and enforce our current Weed “Hazard” Abatement program by encouraging our residents and property owners to remove weeds/brush and trim trees on their property. Signage around Pinole starts May 1st with May 31st as the Deadline for all property owners/residents to remove weeds & brush and trim trees on their property.

Residents of Pinole: Thanks to your efforts we can look forward to a safer fire year!
Because of the success of this program, look forward to another day next year on May 17th, 2020.

Thank you for your efforts in making Pinole a fire safe community. If you have any questions concerning fire safety, please call the Main Fire Department Office at (510) 724-8970 or e-mail your comments to the address shown above.

If you receive a NOTICE OF VIOLATION for a Hazard "Weed" Abatement issue: take a before picture of your property, complete the abatement on your property, and then email us before and after pictures of the work completed.  Don't forget to include the property owner’s name, address, and contact number.

 Email to:

Lets make it a safe fire season, 

Fire Marshall


Properties with less 5 acres