Pinole's Rental Inspection Program

Rental Inspection Program

About Residential Health and Safety Rental Inspection

Chapter 8.30 of the Pinole Municipal Code requires that rental units in the City be inspected to meet habitability and safety standards. The intent of this Ordinance is to ensure that rental stock is maintained and compliant with City Codes. 

Program Requirements and Process

  • Applicability: Every owner carrying on the business of operating rental units in the City is subject to the Residential Health and Safety Rental Inspection Program. A valid Certificate of Compliance and Business License must be issued prior to renting unit.

  •  Process:

    • Certificate of Compliance: All owners of rental units must file an application with the building official and obtain a valid Certificate of Compliance for each rental unit prior to applying for a business license. To be considered for approval, applications for certificates of compliance must be complete in accordance and current applicable fees paid.

      For the most expedient service, please complete these steps in order
      1. Submit an online through our *new* Residential Health and Safety Rental Inspection Application Form
      2. Pay all applicable inspection fees
        • By phone: (510) 724-8912
        • Online through Stripe (new!) 
      3. Book an appointment for an inspection online, through our self-service booking page. Inspections are offered on Fridays from 8am-3pm.

    • Initial Inspection: When a complete application and all applicable fees are pay, units will be inspected by the Building Division. If no correction items are identified, a Certificate of Compliance will be issued.

    • Correction Items: If correction items are identified the owner will be required to secure any and all required permits to correct deficiencies.

    • Units with Balconies: For units with a balcony, or balcony structure, an additional and separate process is required, see Balcony Inspection Program requirements. · Business License: A Business License must be obtained for each property used for rental purposes. A valid Certificate of Compliance is required prior to making application for a Business License.

  • Fees:

    • Base Fee (Covers Initial Inspection and First Reinspection)
      • Single Family Unit, Duplex Unit, or Triplex Unit: $360
      • Multi‐Family Unit Including Hotel/Motel Unit: $225
    • Reinspection Fee (only applicable if required)
      • 2nd Reinspection: 20% of initial fee
      • 3rd Reinspection: 30% of initial fee
      • 4th Reinspection: 40% of initial fee
  • Periodic Housing Inspections: Every owner of a rental unit located within the City shall permit the City's periodic inspection of the apartment, house and hotel, and the property on which such unit is located, following notice from the city. Each unit shall be inspected once every three (3) years to ensure compliance with all applicable City ordinances or other laws relating to housing, including the substandard housing provisions of the Housing Code contained in Chapter 15.22 of the Pinole Municipal Code.
  • Exemptions: the following unit types are exempt from the Program:
    • Owner or manager-occupied rental units.
    • Units unavailable for rent.
    • Residential facility that serves six (6) or fewer persons as defined in the California Health and Safety Code Section 1566.3.
    • Units that are owned, operated or managed by a government agency other than the City or which are exempt from municipal regulation pursuant to state or federal law or regulations, but only so long as such government ownership, operation or management or exemption from municipal regulation continues in effect.

Business License Required

If you are the owner of a rental property in the City of Pinole, a business license must also be obtained for each property used for rental purposes. Rental Property Business License Information

Contact information

Additional information may be obtained by contacting the Building Official/Inspector Bernie Zipay at (510) 724-9016 or by e-mail at [email protected].