Pinole's Street Sweeping Schedule

Street Sweeping Schedule

Street Sweeping

Street sweeping takes place on odd months:  January, March, May, July, September and November.
Please note that street sweeping will begin on the first full week of the sweep month.

In case or a car accident where debris is left on the street like glass, please contact Public Works at (510) 724-9010 we will send our sweeper to clean the street.

Area A -- First Wednesday

Arroyo Ave
Brazil Ct
Carol St
Delarosa Ct
Doidge Ave
Hamilton Dr
Hoytt Ct
Jordan Way
Madera St
Marcus St
Marlin Ct
Martinez Ct
Moore Ct
Palos Ct
Pinole Valley Rd
(Simas Ave to South City Limits)
Remuda Wy
Silvercrest Ct
Silvercrest Dr
Stokes Ave
Taper St
Towns Ct
Victor St
Vincent Dr
Walton Ct
Wright Ave

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Area B -- Second Wednesday

Alhambra Way
Appaloosa Ct
Appaloosa Tr
Box Canyon Rd
Buckskin Rd
Carmen Ct
Colina Ct
De La Braindais Ct
Goularte Dr
La Canada Ct
Lassen Way
Mendocino Ct
Mendocino Dr
Monte Verde Dr
Monte Vista Dr
Moraga Dr
(Savage Ave to Simas Ave)
Pinole Valley Rd
(Savage Ave to Simas South)
Poulos Ct
Savage Av
Seville Ct
Shady Draw
Simas Ave
(Mendocino Dr to PVR)
Terry Ct
Thomas Ct
Von Dollen Ct

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Area C -- First Thursday

Adobe Rd
Blue Jay Cr
Chapparal Ct
Collins Ave
Diablo Cr
Diablo Ct
Dolores Ct
Flamingo Ct
Galbreth Rd
Helena Ct
Johanna Ct
Julia Ct
Maria Ct
Montclair Ct
Moraga Dr
(Simas Av to Tamalpais Dr)
Neva Ct
Olinda Ct
Pinole Valley Rd
(Savage to Shea)
Potrero Ct
Santa Barbara Dr
Sarita Ct
Silverado Dr
Simas Ave
(PVR to Mendocino Dr)
Silver Ct
Sonoma Way
Tamalpais Dr
Tomar Ct
Whippoorwill Ct

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Area D -- Second Thursday

Alamo St
(Estates Av to Higuera Av)
Carmelita Way
Clark Ct
Colusa St
Estates Ave
Faria Ave
(Estates Av to Clark Ct)
Gerz Ct
Hermosa Ct
Hermosa St
Higuera Ave
Kyer St
La Reina St
Lucas St
Paloma St
Ramona St
Ruff Ave
Ruff Ct

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Area E -- Third Wednesday

Appian Way
(Tara Hills Dr to City limits)
Avis Way
Corte Cruz
Costa Ct
Dalessi Dr
Dalessi Ln
Dolores Ct
Duncan Rd
Ebsen Ct
Estrella Ct
Fitzgerald Dr
Geoffrey Ct
Granada Ct
Hoke Ct
Hoke Dr
Jovita Ln
(Fitzgerald Dr to Juan Crespi School)
Lynn Dr
Michael Dr
Naomi Ct
North Rancho Ct
Owens Ct
Pinole Valley Rd
(Ramona St to Grananda Ct)
Rebecca Dr
Sandra Ct
Sarah Ct
Sarah Dr
Shea Dr

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Area F -- First Tuesday

Alamo St
(Ponderosa Tr to Higuera Av)
Alice Way
Anne Ct
Brandt St
Charles St
Christian Ct
Curran Ct
Dean Ct
Dora Ct
Downer St
Ellerhorst St
Emma Dr
Enlow Ct
Fahey Ct
Faria Ave
Faria Ct
Fernandez Ave
Francis Ct
Fraser Ct
Garrity Ct
Henry Ave
(East from PVR)
Hill View Ln
Holliday Ct
John St
Peach St
Pear St
Pinole Valley Road
(San Pablo Av to Ellerhorst St)
Plum St
Ponderosa Trail
Prune St
Rafaela St
Robert Ct
Samuel St
Valley Av
Willow St

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Area G -- Third Thursday

Alberdan Cr
Alberdan Ct
Amend Ct
Barkley Ct
Boyle Ct
Canyon Dr
Doolin Ct
El Toro Way
Foothill Ave
Glen Ct
Greenfield Cr
Henry Av
(Ridgecrest Rd to Oakridge Rd)
Kelley Ct
Kildare Way
Kilkenny Way
Kilrush Ct
Kittery Way
Lewis Ln
Mann Dr
Marionola Way
Marlesta Rd
(Appian Wy to Marionola Wy)
Mc Donald Dr
Page Ct
Poquito Ct
Ridgecrest Rd
Rising Glen Rd
Shawn Dr
Tara Hills Dr
Tesoro Ct

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Area H -- Second Tuesday

2nd Ave
3rd Ave
4th Ave
5th Ave
Altamirano Cr
Alverez Ave
Antonia Cr
Bantry Rd
Bernardo Ct
Betty Ave
East Meadow Ave
Francisca Ct
Hanley Ct
Hanley Dr
Henry Ave
(Pinole Valley Rd to Oakridge Rd)
Ignacio Ct
Jones Ave
Limerick Rd
Marlesta Rd
(Appian Way to Hanley Dr)
Meadow Ave
Nob Hill Ave
Oak Ridge Rd
O'Conner Dr
Patrick Dr
Pine Ave
Rogers Way
Smith St
Sunnyview Ct
Sunnyview Dr
(San Pablo Avenue to Marlesta)

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Area I -- Third Tuesday

Alfred Dr
Bay View Farm Rd
Belfair Dr
Brenda Ct
Brett Ct
Buena Vista Dr
Calais Dr
Crestview Dr
Cuadra Ct
Danny Ct
Del Monte Way
Dutra Ct
Elm St
Fern Ave
Hansen Pl
Hazel St
Hutchinson Ct
La Salle Ct
La Salle Dr
Laurel Ave
Le Febvre Way
Leroy Ave
Major Vista Ct
Orleans Ct
Orleans Dr
Park St
Pinole Shores Dr
Pinon Ave
Primrose Ct
Primrose Dr
Quinan Ave
Railroad Ave
Ramey Ct
Roble Ave
Summit Ct
Summit Dr
Tennent Ave
(North of San Pablo Av)
Valley View Ave
Walter Av
Zoe Ct

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