Pinole's Community Cleanup Events

Community Cleanup Events

Community Cleanup Events
The City supports organizers of community cleanup events by providing cleanup supplies and a method of disposal for the trash and recycling that is collected.
Are you organizing a community cleanup event?

Thank you for your stewardship! Please follow these instructions:

1. Fill out the Community Cleanup Request Form.

2. Send your completed form to [email protected]

3. City staff will review your form and a Waiver will be sent to the organizer.

4. Review and sign the Waiver and send it back to City staff (the purpose of the Waiver is to waive/indemnify the City from the use of cleanup supplies or participation in the cleanup activity).

Upcoming Cleanup Events
Name  and Contact Details
of Organizer
Date and Time
of Cleanup Event
Cleanup Location  Meeting Location  Other Information 
Friends of Pinole Creek Watershed, Pinole Creek Allies, and the PVHS Ocean Conservation Club Saturday, January 21, 2023 
10:00am - 12:00pm
1 Tennent Ave, Pinole 1 Tennent Ave, Pinole Bring your trash-spotting eyes, gloves, trash grabbers, and your own water bottle (refills are available on-site)

Past Cleanup Events
This section will log the recent history of cleanup events to track their success.

Name of Organizer Date of Community Cleanup Event Participant Details Cleanup Details Other Comments
Friends of Pinole Creek Watershed (FOPCW) and
Earth Team and Ocean Conservation Club
 OCT 29, 2022  Over 40 adults, youth, and children  A total of 43 bags weighing
approximately 124 lbs. of waste
along with carts, chairs, and large
items were collected around Pinole Creek.
More Information
To avoid illegal dumping, City staff will not publicly list the location of drop-off of waste and recycling. The location will be provided to the event organizer once the online form and waiver is completed. 

Once an event is organized, City staff will update this webpage to publicize the event to others who wish to join the community clean up event. Send us your flyer or photos and the City of Pinole will share them on social media to encourage more community participation.  

If you have questions, please call us at (510) 724-9010, or send your questions to [email protected]