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The Pinole Fire Department is pursuing our annual fire hazard reduction program, also known as our weed abatement program.  This program intends to greatly reduce the amount of available "fuel" within the community and thus reduce the possibility of a fire spreading from one property to another. Every year, fires threaten homes and properties as a result of unnecessary combustible debris and vegetation. It is every property owner’s ultimate responsibility to meet fire department requirements for managing and eliminating these fire hazards upon their property, regardless of property type; residential, commercial, or parcels of land.

The Pinole Fire Department requires weeds to be removed to within 3” off the ground and brush trimmed to provide a safety buffer of at least thirty (30) feet around any structure and one hundred (100) feet on a slope.  For most properties within the City, this means clearing the entire parcel.  Dead trees and fallen limbs also apply. Tree limbs must be trimmed no lower than 6' from the ground.  

If you have a particularly large parcel, you may provide the required clearance around the outer perimeter of your property (20 feet) as long as you also provide the minimum thirty (30) foot buffer around all other structures. In many cases, your property lines may extend well past your fence. This area is required to be abated as well. Please attempt to determine the extent of your parcel and cooperate with your neighbors to clear areas that will provide mutual benefit.

All weed abatement must be completed by May 31st each year. Failure to remove hazardous vegetation puts you and your neighbors at risk!  If you have not cleared your property by the June 15th deadline, formal abatement procedures will be taken to include fees and penalties plus the cost of the abatement.

Thank you for your efforts in making Pinole a fire safe community. If you have any questions concerning fire safety, please call the Main Fire Department Office at (510) 724-8970 or e-mail your comments to the address shown above.


If you receive a NOTICE OF VIOLATION for a Hazard "Weed" Abatement issue: take a before picture of your property, complete the abatement on your property and then email us before and after pictures of the work completed.  Don't forget to include the property owner’s name, address, and contact number.

Email to:

Lets make it a safe fire season, 

Fire Marshall