Pinole's Smoke Alarms/Detectors

Smoke Alarms/Detectors

80% of homes today have Smoke Alarms.
Of the 80%, only 48% are working.

Most fatal fires happen at night when people are sleeping.
A working smoke alarm will detect smoke, and sound to alert you.

Install smoke alarms on every level of your home and near each sleeping area. Replace alarms that are more than 10 years old and periodically test your alarm (by pressing the alarm's "test" button).

Every 6 months, replace the alarm's batteries. One way to remember to change batteries is every time there's a Daylight Savings Time Adjustment - CHANGE YOUR CLOCK/CHANGE THE BATTERIES. Smoke Detectors with 10 year batteries are readily available where detectors are sold.

Don't have a Smoke Alarm?
The Pinole Fire Department will provide (and install) a free smoke detector in your home. Additional detectors may be purchased at a minimal cost. Call (510) 724-8969 during normal business hours for more information.

For additional information from The National Fire Prevention     

Association (NFPA) click here: Smoke Alarm