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The Alex Clark Room is located in the Public Safety Building at 880 Tennent Avenue and is available for non-profit organizations only.

Fee is $10 per meeting for Pinole Organizations and $25 per meeting for Non-Pinole Organizations. A meeting is a maximum of 2-hours.

For reservations contact(510) 724-9807 or recreation@ci.pinole.ca.us.

The City of Pinole reserves the right to use the Alex Clark Room at any time.

Children are not allowed to run and play in the Court Yard area outside, nor play (throw balls, etc.) in the lobby downstairs, on the staircase, or in the upstairs reception area.


  • An adult must attend children at all times.
  • All equipment is properly used & cared for.
  • Clean up beverage spills immediately and inform Wanda (in case we need to request deep cleaning by our Public Works Dept).
  • DO NOT adjust the thermostat above 70 degrees.
    It may be adjusted to a lower temp, but anything higher than 70 degrees could cause Cable TV equipment in the adjoining room to overheat and cause serious damage to the equipment.
  • DO NOT Block the door that leads into the Master Control Room, under any circumstance. Sign on door reads: "Please Do Not Block This Door".
  • When you are finished with the room:
    • Arrange tables & chairs in a neat and orderly manner
    • Discard trash, food & drink items in the trash bins
    • Turn off the lights, lock the door and return the key

If previous users did not comply with the above rules, please report noncompliance(s) to (510) 724-9807.

Your rights for use of the Alex Clark Room will be permanently suspended if City Office Staff has to contact your Organization more than twice for noncompliance with the above Rules.


  1. The key to the Alex Clark Room is to be picked up at the Pinole Senior Center, 2500 Charles Ave. between the hours of 8am - 4pm for information. Call (510) 724-9807 for information
    For weekend use, the key must be picked up on Friday before 12:00pm.
  2. The key must be returned by 12:00 noon the following day. For weekend use, the key must be returned on Monday, by 12:00 noon.
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