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About the Housing Element:

The Housing Element is part of the Pinole General Plan. Its purpose is to ensure that a quality, safe, and affordable supply of housing is available for current and future residents of Pinole. In pursuing this goal, the Housing Element focuses on achieving a balance between maintaining the existing character of Pinole and providing housing for low and moderate-income households and those with special needs.

The Housing Element must be updated approximately every five years as directed by the State and is subject to review and certification by the State of California through its Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD). The current Housing Element was adopted on July 6, 2010 and has been certified by HCD.

Click here to download the Housing Element.

Click here to download the HCD Certification letter.


Housing Element Annual Reporting:
In accordance with Section 65400 of the State of California Code, the City annually prepares a Housing Element Progress Report for submittal to HCD by April 1st of each calendar year.

Click here to download the report for 2010.


Additional information about Housing Element requirements can be found on the State Department of Housing and Community Development's website at www.hcd.ca.gov.


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