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On June 3, 1988, seven year old Amber Swartz disappeared from in front of her home on Savage Avenue in Pinole, California. Tragically, Amber was never found.

On July 6, 2009, the Pinole Police Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) announced that the case associated with Amber Swartz’ disappearance was formally being closed. The case was closed based on a signed confession from a suspect identified as Curtis Dean Anderson that was obtained on November 5, 2007 by the FBI. In his confession, Curtis Dean Anderson stated that he had kidnapped and murdered Amber in 1988, stating that he had disposed of her body off Highway 10 near Benson, Arizona. Anderson was a convicted child molester, kidnapper and child murderer who made his confession while in Corcoran State Prison.

One month after his confession, Anderson died in prison prior to being re-interviewed regarding his confession to kidnapping and murdering Amber Swartz. Prior to closing the case, the Pinole Police Department and the FBI conducted an investigation in an effort to corroborate Anderson’s confession and both law enforcement organizations were confident that Anderson’s confession was truthful. No information or evidence has been received that would dispute the confession made by Curtis Dean Anderson. However, Amber Swartz has not been located and consequently, effective immediately, the Pinole Police Department is modifying the status of the Amber Swartz case from closed to open.

Since the formal closure of the case in 2009, the Pinole Police Department has continued to follow up on information provided to the agency in an effort to recover Amber Swartz. In spite of those efforts, Amber has not been found. It is hoped that opening the case will encourage information exchange regarding the case and to generate information that might lead to the recovery of Amber Swartz. The Pinole Police Department, in cooperation with the FBI, will continue to investigate the case. Anyone with information regarding Amber’s disappearance, or location is encouraged to call the Pinole Police Department at (510) 724-8950.

More information is available on the Police Department's Unsolved Cases page.

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