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Incidents and Equipment:

E-73, 1989 Pierce 1500 gpm pumper, pumps at a building explosion caused by a backhoe rupturing a gas line. E-73, 1989 Pierce 1500 gpm pumper, pumps at a building explosion caused by a backhoe rupturing a gas line. Garage fire prior to arrival of engine companies, Greenfield Circle, Pinole.
E-73 (1999 HME/Central States 1250 gpm rescue pumper) works one of the endless vehicle accidents on Interstate 80. Crews chase down a brush fire at Pt. Pinole Regional Shoreline. Roof of a daycare residence is fully involved upon arrival, Carmelita Way.
Pinole Firefighter Chuck Thompson “foams” a railcar with 100,000 bottles of Corona beer which was set afire by burglars, Union Pacific Line.

Pinole Creek overflows at Pinole Valley High School.

CDF Tanker 88 makes a drop on the Pinole Ridge Fire, summer 2002.

Engine 373 (International/Paoletti 500 gpm/500 gallon) and Water Tender 273 (1982 Westates 1000 gpm/1200 gallon) at Pt. Richmond wildland fire overlooking San Francisco Bay.


Captain Brian Lowry teaches fire safety to all seven Pinole elementary schools each year. Reserve Engineer Walt Bangert pumps the Water Tender on a night exercise. Truck 73 sets up at a full wet drill at Doctor’s Medical Center, San Pablo, June 2003.

Firefighter Matt Goularte rappels off the department’s tower.

Deuels Daycare - 2008

Back then...

Pinole firefighters on the brush engine, 1940’s.

Department musters in front of the old station, 1950’s.

Moving truck falls over the edge of the Sycamore overcrossing, Interstate-80 in the early 60’s. Pinole fire covered Hercules until the Rodeo-Hercules fire district was formed.

Crews fight a working fire at St. Joseph’s Church in Pinole, 1967. The expanded church is still a prominent Pinole structure today.

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